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Regular Window Cleaning: Why You Need to Do It All Year

window cleaning in seattle There’s more to cleaning your windows than keeping the interior and exteriors of your home looking pristine. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the concentration of pollutants is two to five times higher indoors compared to the outdoors.

This means that pollutants in our homes are more potent, triggering all sorts of health issues, like respiratory and skin problems. But more than that, indoor pollution can also accelerate the deterioration of your home.

Now windows play an important role in reducing indoor pollution. They allow air to enter and circulate, flushing out the airborne allergens and bacteria trapped inside, and help regulate indoor temperature.

Let’s talk more about these in detail, and how regular window cleaning can bring more benefits other than improved indoor air quality.

The Positive Effects of Window Washing

What happens when professional window washers check and wash your windows?

  • Windows look pristine and the house looks newer and cleaner.
  • You’ll know if you have cracked window panes that need replacing.
  • The cleaning crew may inspect your windows and see to it that they open and close properly.
  • The cleaning crew will remove the grime from the frames and screen if you have them installed.

So by simply cleaning your windows, you get the following results:

1.Cleaner, fresher air can flow into your home.

Many houses use window screens to keep bugs and large debris out of the house. Unfortunately, screens are dirt and dust traps. Over time, the particulates that accumulate in the screen will circulate inside your house, buoyed by strong gusts of wind from outside. This won’t be a problem, however, if your window screens are regularly washed and cleaned.

2. You can locate and seal the air leaks in your windows.

Window cleaning crews can spot flaws in how your windows are installed. They’ll know, for example, if:

  • Your windows have cracks
  • Your windows are misaligned
  • The caulking and weatherstrip have worn out
  • There are gaps between the wall and window frame due to inexpert construction

Once you discover these flaws, you can immediately remedy them and seal what needs to be sealed.

3. Reduce your energy consumption and bills.

Air leaks are one of the culprits of energy inefficiency in residential buildings. Even if the air leaks are minimal, you might still feel the cumulative effect on your electricity bill. Too many faulty windows can increase the heat flow through your house’s building envelope, and this can result in higher heating or cooling costs.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the US Department of Energy report that sealing air leaks can help you save over 20 percent of heating and cooling costs, so this is one benefit you’ll want to enjoy.

4. Mold is less likely to grow on your window sills.

Mold loves moist places, and if you have a window in a cool, shady part of your property, it can become a breeding ground for mold. One sign that mold is taking root in your house is when tiny, powdery-looking black spots appear on the sill and the wall around your windows. Regular window washing eliminates mold and spares your family from its adverse effects on health.

5. Your home’s curb appeal will increase.

Grimy windows can make a house look decrepit and older than they really are. With regular cleaning, your windows and the walls where they’re mounted will always look clean and well-maintained. Real estate experts always say that window and door replacements pay off the most. You can get the same benefit at a lower cost if you maintain the integrity and aesthetics of your windows.

Enjoy Top-Notch Window Washing from Renova Exterior Detailing

Regular window washing is truly beneficial, but you can maximize the benefits even more if you hire an experienced team for the job.

Renova Exterior Detailing can live up to your high standards. We’ve been cleaning windows in homes all over Seattle for five years using techniques we’ve developed for a much longer period. As a family-owned and run business, we approach each job with utmost care and treat our clients’ homes like we do our own.

Enjoy the advantages of regular window cleaning from Renova Exterior Detailing. Request a quote today.


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