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Protect Your Home with Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Arguably one of the most essential yet highly neglected home improvement tasks, gutter cleaning is imperative to maintaining your home’s condition. Your gutters and downspouts are designed to collect rainwater from your roof and move it away from the walls and foundation of your home. Our service includes clearing all loose debris, leaves, and other detritus out of your gutter system and flushing your downspouts to ensure they are draining properly.

Outsides of your gutters looking grimy? Renova also offers exterior gutter brightening: We soak the exterior faces of your gutters in a biodegradable detergent, loosen up any surface dirt and algae with a gentle scrub, then rinse them clear for a bright and shiny finish. 

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Basic Gutter Gleaning
Downspout Filters
Clogged Downspout
Clogged Downspout

Why Prioritize Gutter Cleaning?

As the old saying goes – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The accumulation of stagnant water from poorly maintained gutters and clogged downspouts can mean long-term problems for you and your home. When you fail to redirect water away from your home you take the risk of water penetrating into your basement, compromising your foundation, and damaging structural elements.

Additionally, homes with debris, sticks and plant growth in the gutter system are vulnerable to pests and rodents that can create nests. These nests in turn can damage your walls and roof, and allow access for other unwanted visitors. 

gutter cleaning in seattle

We Offer:

  • Clearing out all debris from gutters
  • Downspouts  flushed
  • Exterior gutter brightening
  • Downspout filter installation

We’re unable to help with:

  • Installing gutter guards
  • Cleaning under permanently installed gutter guards (i.e. metal ‘Leaf Guard’ style covers)
  • Clearing underground drains (needs a rooter or jetter)
  • Building or replacing gutter systems


We clean gutters by hand. Our technicians will inspect your entire gutter system, collect all debris (leaves, moss, twigs, roof sand, dirt, etc), and place it in a yard waste bin. Once the gutters are clear we’ll rinse out any residual grime with water and flush all downspouts. If there are any blockages in your downspouts we will ensure they are cleared out. If desired, we can also install downspout filters to keep your drains free from blockage.

We recommend gutter cleaning at least twice a year. If your home has a lot of tree cover you may find they need to be serviced more often. If you notice any visible blockage or water overflow during rainfall they should be serviced immediately.

Absolutely not. The last thing we want is to make a mess of your property (or your neighbor’s) by blowing out wet, messy debris with a leaf blower. We perform all gutter cleaning by hand and carry the debris down in buckets. When the work is complete we will tidy up any incidental bits of debris that may have fallen during the cleaning process.

Unless otherwise specified, we will put all debris from the gutters in your yard waste bin. If your yard waste bin is full we will put the debris into garden bags and leave them curbside for pickup by the city.

No. Unfortunately, any blockages located underground will necessitate the help of a drainage specialist or a jetter.

Yes, as part of our service, we conduct a visual inspection of the gutters to identify any damage, corrosion, or leaks that may require repairs. We'll inform you of any issues we find and recommend appropriate solutions.

Usually just a few hours. This depends on a few factors, including the walkability of your roof, and amount of gutters on your home, and the extent of debris buildup. We'll provide you with an estimated time frame before starting the service.

Yes, our technicians are highly trained, experienced professionals who undergo regular training to stay updated on the latest techniques and safety protocols. We are fully insured for your peace of mind.

We stand behind the quality of our work. If you're not satisfied with the results, we'll make it right.

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