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Every year, like clock-work, Seattle homeowners can count on seeing moss appear on their roofs, sidewalks and any sort of porous material that is out of reach of the sun. Heavy rain flow and lack of sunshine throughout the seasons contribute to the growth of moss which can eventually lead to the decay and deterioration of your homes exteriors; the most concerning of which is your roof. Our moss removal and treatment service allows your roof and other features to remain intact, healthy, and will prevent moss growth during the rainy season.

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Why Moss Suppression?

Seattle Washington, also known as the evergreen state, is home to an impressive number of vegetation, including moss. Shady north facing areas on your property are more likely to see the growth of moss, the most concerning area being your roof. Moss, similar to a sponge, retains moisture in its green mass and, over time, can jeopardize the longevity of your roof and contribute to erosion. We recommend taking preventative measures to deter the undeniable growth of moss and maintain the integrity of your roof and structure.

Damp areas between your roof and ceiling could also easily become colonies for lichen, mold, and other fungi. Removing moss accumulation early and treating your roof regularly prevents such growth and deterioration before the damage becomes too difficult and costly to manage.

moss removal seattle

Reliable And Secure Methods

roof moss cleaning

Renova Exteriors solves moss problems like we solve any other: thoroughly and efficiently. Our first step is to examine the amount of coverage and the material of the surface on which moss grows. Whether it’s asphalt shingles or wood paneling our license, bonded and insured crew utilizes safe and efficient methods to remove moss without damaging structural material.

We use a soft bristled brush to detach the moss from porous surfaces. Our next step is to collect the moss remains along with any debris uprooted in the process and dispose of it in your yard waste bin, place it in brown bags on your curb or take it to a transfer station for an additional charge.

Furthermore we offer a zinc solution to prevent the growth of moss; an eco friendly substance that we place on treated surfaces in order to hinder further growth during the rainy season. Through this process we ensure the likelihood of moss returning slim to none. By taking active measures to prevent the growth of moss, your roof and structure are more likely to remain intact and retain their longevity.

Securing Job Satisfaction

Renova is committed to its work and customer service as part of our effort to maintain long-term partnerships within our community. We make return trips, at no cost to you, until you’ve expressed your full satisfaction with the moss removal on your roof.

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