Residential And Commercial Roof Cleaning Service In Seattle

With the excessive amount of rain homeowners receive in Seattle, a regular roof cleaning schedule is essential to maintaining your roof’s integrity and keeping moss at bay. Our professional crew operates with the safest methods to clean away debris, moss, and grime. Whether it’s a routine sweep or a full overhaul of moss removal we guarantee full satisfaction. 

Thorough Roof Cleaning Process

Our company, Renova Exteriors, has offered roof cleaning services for Seattle residents and commercial properties for over five years. We are proud to support our local community by preserving roof systems and maintaining the integrity of entire properties.

Our first step is to blow away all loose debris off the roof. With any roof cleaning service we are vigilant about checking the gutter system and are sure to include a gutter clearing service as well. Whether it’s leaves, sticks or moss we make sure to leave the roof in great condition.

More often than not stubborn debris on the roof requires a more manual approach. We use a nylon bristled brush to gently remove and detach any persistent debris that remains. Our professional crew takes every precaution to protect your roof’s material during this process.

Does your roof appear to have moss growth? Renova Exteriors has a solution, both for removal and prevention. Please visit our moss service page to learn more.

Dirty roofs are not just unsightly; they’re also weighed down by an accumulation of debris, dirt, moss, and moisture from the constant drizzling. If left unchecked, these roofs could become problematic and soon require extensive and expensive repairs. 

Why Roof Cleaning Should Be On Your List

roof moss cleaning

A clean, well-kept roof is an integral component to a good looking abode. Not to mention it’s the only barrier protecting you and your family from Seattle’s rainy climate. If done regularly, a roof cleaning regiment is one way to avoid structural damage to your house, assure the flow of water is working efficiently and avoid costly repairs.  

Neglecting your roof can lead to a potentially dangerous situation that could harm people and your property. What starts with tolerable leaks could lead to mold growth and a weak roof structure. Maintaining your roof is a good way to avoid the build up of debris, growth and consequential decay. 

As debris and moss accumulate, the drainage system in place on your roof can become compromised. Rather than draining into the gutters and away from the foundation the water runoff finds other, more potentially hazardous paths down the structure. Over time this can cause significant damage and lead to costly repairs. 

A clean, well-maintained roof can add years to its life and increase your homes value. Rather than replace your roof at a significant price, a regular roof clean is a cheaper alternative and a sure way to increase your roof and home’s longevity. 

Securing Job Satisfaction

Renova is committed to its work and customer service as part of our effort to maintain long-term partnerships within our community. We make return trips, at no cost to you, until you’ve expressed your full satisfaction.

Contact us today at 206-312-1916 for 100% satisfactory roof cleaning service in Seattle.

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