Commercial And Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Services In Seattle

It is well known that Seattleites are passionate about the environment. Afterall, we are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and enjoy four beautiful seasons. Then it’s no surprise that many Seattle homes and structures are adorned with solar panels to maximize energy from the sun’s rays. This beautiful addition, like almost every feature of a home, requires regular maintenance in order to maintain efficiency and prevent decay.  This valuable service ensures that homeowners can extract the most energy from their solar panels and utilize sustainable energy.

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Why Clean Solar Panels

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bill? A possible reason could be that your energy systems, such as gas, water and solar panels are not functioning at their highest levels. In order to utilize renewable energy at its highest capacity, regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary.

Photovoltaic cells, that convert sunlight into electricity, need to be readily available to absorb the sun’s rays. A number of manmade and natural substances such as dust from the ground, exhaust fumes from vehicles, and other particulates can form a thick layer on your solar panels and ultimately block sunlight from reaching their energy absorbing cells. With a regular cleaning and removal of debris and particulates, your solar panels can maximize energy and utilize the very few months of Seattle sunshine.

solar panel cleaner in seattle

Ensure High-Performing Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaner seattle

With our deionization machine, waterfed poles and soft bristled brush we remove stains and detritus from your solar panels to ensure they operate at their maximum capacity. While we’re cleaning the photovoltaic cells, we will also do a visual inspection of your solar panel system to make sure everything is in working condition.

Our solar panel cleaning service removes obstructive layers and guarantees your panels catch as much light as possible. Our insured, licensed and bonded crew will be careful to use methods and techniques that won’t leave deposits or damage the integrity of your panels.

Commitment To Job Satisfaction

As one of the locally-owned and operated home detailing companies in Seattle, we stand by our services 100 percent. Whether it’s for your home or business, we provide the same level of commitment and attention, making sure you have a positive experience. We even offer return trips for free until we’ve met your expectations.

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