About Us

About Us

Long time Seattle residents, Brett Farrington and Sharla Dodd, having lived and worked in the community, recognized a niche in Seattle where they could invest their time and energy – enter Holiday Spirit Lighting. Created in 2009, Holiday Spirit Lighting began as a seasonal, family endeavor where Brett & Sharla explored the intricacies of lighting up Seattle homes during the dark holiday season. Organically, the business grew thanks to a dedicated, close group of friends and family that returned to work for their inspired leaders every holiday season to light up Seattle homes, neighborhoods and businesses. This allowed them to fulfill their traveling ambitions during the off season, employ a tight knit crew of family and friends and eventually start a family.

With a growing business and family in tow, Brett and Sharla decided to expand their roles and create a new brand – Renova Exterior Detailing; a year round home detailing enterprise that seemed a natural marriage to the holiday lighting business. Holiday Spirit Lighting is proud to now serve over ____ Seattle residences and provides big-scale, commercial installations for local communities such as Ballard Alliance, Chihuly Glass Garden, Google campus, Kirkland downtown, Madison Park and Fremont Ave. The company plans to continually grow the business with an emphasis on taking care of their employees, dedication to hard work and maintaining sustainable values within the business.

Mission Statement

A sustainable small business that focuses on cultivating home and community values, both within its employees and customers we serve. Locally based and operated, Holiday Spirit Lighting began as a family/friend endeavor and has now served the greater Seattle area for over ten years. With employee values at its core, the company prioritized benefits & opportunities, living wages and a strong team culture. We value the art of lighting and brightening Seattle homes and in turn we hope to spread a collective sentiment of joy and community.

Show up. Take care. Get better

Charitable Donations

The seasonal nature of holiday light installations allows for ample time during the off-season to organize and fund various philanthropic endeavors. During its first couple of years Holiday Spirit Lighting made charitable donations to Northwest Harvest, Toys For Tots and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This year Brett and Sharla have taken a more hands-on approach and have traveled to Kenya to volunteer with Global Vision International for a wildlife conservation project. Holiday Spirit Lighting is proud to continually support local charities and organizations by  spreading the joy of holiday cheer for Seattle’s local community.

$500 Referral Program

Would you like to make $500??
Have a friend who is right for this position?
Refer us an applicant and you could make $500 once they are placed in a role.


Once they complete an in-person interview.


If they accept a seasonal position with us.


Once they have been working with us for two weeks.

Our Path To Sustainability

Owner Brett Farrington has made it his mission to move Holiday Spirit Lighting & Renova Exterior Detailing towards a sustainable direction and plans to gain BCorp certification by 2023. “Our values to continually evolve and grow as a company align with our commitment to become a sustainable small business that gives back to the community we serve.” – Brett Farrington

4 Things We Do To Reduce Impact

  • Low energy consumption lights
  • Custom installations stored and recycled for use the following year
  • Brett Farrington coach for Sustainability Ambassadors
  • Goal to transition to electric fleet by 2025

Our Team

Brett Farington


Brett is the Managing Partner for Renova Exterior Detailing and Holiday Spirit Lighting since 2009. He started his career as HSL’s field technician. He has since come to take over the general management of HSL & Renova in 2018. His involvement with SBA Score mentoring, SBA Emerging Leaders 2017 & Goldman Sachs 10KSB 2020 programs have helped him build his skills, business & develop a community of like-minded and supportive people. He enjoys spending time outside grilling food with the family, riding bikes with the kids, yoga, fly fishing & practicing bonsai.

Eric Miller


Eric is now Co-Owner of Renova in addition to our new Chief of Operations and will be working closely with each of our field and office staff members to ensure and oversee the efficiency and flow among our team in order to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Lived in Seattle for 19 years
Been cleaning windows for 14 years and hanging lights for 1
Hobbies: reading books, playing music, biking, and running
When he’s not working you’ll find him spending time with his family and playing Mario Party with his daughter Frances.

Sam McNearney

General Manager and Director of Sales

Sam, Renova’s General Manager, is originally from Atlanta where he played football at The Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and gained a Certificate in Finance. After moving here five years ago he has settled into NE Seattle and remains active in football as an Assistant Coach for the varsity football team at Roosevelt High School. In his free time he thoroughly takes advantage of the Northwest lifestyle by fly fishing, skiing, golfing, hiking and camping. He hopes to one day become a representative for Fishing the Good Fight, a non profit for men with mental illness that uses fly fishing and fly tying as an outlet for health and information.

Greg Stump

Intake Customer Service Representative

Art Lipatan

Scheduling Customer Service Representative

I’ve lived in Seattle since 2012. I’ve worked in the construction industry for the last 20 years, occupying seats in architectural drafting, estimating, and project management. The first half of my career began in Minneapolis, MN, working in residential & light commercial construction. When I moved to Seattle, I got into yacht interior construction & fabrication, then moved into estimating & managing steel pressure vessel fabrication projects. I’ve been in the exterior detailing arena since 2019 when I started working with Eric Miller. When I’m not working for Renova, I’m playing music on a stage, or in a studio, or rehearsal space.

Joshua Hatfield

Sales Customer Service Representative

Josh currently resides in Bonney Lake and is brand new to the exterior detailing & lighting industry, with a background in logistics and telecommunications. His general interests include photography, music and fitness. When he’s not providing quotes for our customers you might find him taking photos around the sound, enjoying a local music performance, or getting some miles in at the gym!

Jack Waterhouse

Field Technician

Jack has lived in Seattle an since 2022. He enjoys rock climbing and skiing. When he’s not working you’ll find me him in Yosemite Alaska or Moab doing said hobbies.

Kayla Green

Field Technician

Kayla has lived in the Seattle area her whole life. She’s been in the industry for almost 2 years. When not at work you’ll find her doing something with music or traveling

Angel Sanchez

Field Technician

Lived in Seattle for 22 years and have about 2 years experience of detailing.
My interests are music and spending time with friends/family.

Jakob Fortiner

Field Technician

Lived in Seattle for my whole life, and have been detailing for 1 season. Hobbies & interests include mountain biking, photography, and long walks. When I’m not working, you can find me taking classes at Bellevue College and making short films with my friends.

Kayla Green

Field Technician

Lived in US for 21 years 19 Years in Seattle, Washington and 2 Years in Minnesota. Been Doing Detail for 2 Years. And 5 years in Christmas Lights. When I’m not Working you’ll find me on a Road trips, Mountains, Hiking, and Hot Springs!  And learning Nature Photography/Video.

Heather Garcia

Accounts CSR (customer service rep)

Native to Washington. Hobbies: dogs.  When I’m not working, I’m with Charley (doggie) outdoors, baking.

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