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We Take Care of Our Staff So They Can Take Care of You

About Renova

What was once a seasonal holiday lighting business has evolved over the past ten years to encompass a year round home detailing enterprise dubbed Renova Exterior Detailing. Brett Farrington and his partner Sharla Dodd started their business endeavors in 2009 as they attempted to fulfill their traveling ambitions while working seasonally. Organically, the business grew thanks to a dedicated and close group of friends and family that returned to work for their inspired leader every holiday season to light up Seattle homes, neighborhoods and businesses. After having their first daughter, Aya, in 2014 Sharla exited the business and Brett transitioned from working in the field full time to managing an administrative and managerial staff.

With a growing business and family in tow, Brett and Sharla decided to expand their roles and create a new brand – Renova Exterior Detailing; a year round detailing enterprise that seemed a natural marriage to the holiday lighting business. With the help of a close knit group of staff and managers, Renova Exterior Detailing was born and began offering home detailing services year round to customers in 2016. Through hard work and a passion for helping others, Brett continued to develop the business and was selected to participate in a SBA Emerging Leaders program

where he put his leadership roles to the test and developed a three year growth plan which propelled him and his business towards a successful growth model. Renova Exterior Detailing is now able to support a full time administrative and managerial staff, offers health care, paid time off, and serves the Seattle residential and commercial markets for lighting and cleaning solutions for home, businesses and public spaces.

Looking towards the future, Brett and Sharla want to measure the company’s success by their employee’s economic growth and redefine what a small business can offer its community. Renova will continue to offer year round home detailing services in line with it’s seasonal partner, Holiday Spirit Lighting, while brightening up the holiday months with lighting installation services. Brett plans on moving his company in a sustainable direction with an environmental impact project designed to provide net-positive carbon capture, produce healthy food & restore natural resources for generations to come. By delivering good quality living, a connection to community and sustainable environment support, Renova hopes to progress it’s values and embark on future endeavors that support their employees and lighten customer’s days and brighten their nights.

Mission Statement

To sustainably build an outstanding small business of like-minded Seattle people focused on developing community and team culture. Renova Exterior Detailing offers green cleaning solutions that renew & revive the homes of our local communities and loyal customers.

Communicate. Collaborate. Do Quality Work.

Caring For Our Employees

Here at Renova our values are simple – show up, take care and get better. Unpacking what that means is as follows: show up – showing up ready and excited to work. Take care – taking pride and ownership in the work you do and caring about the job. Get better – readiness and willingness to learn from mistakes, accept them, move on and grow.

Employee Benefits Include The Following

Renova is proud to now offer healthcare to all employees along with paid time off. Our company, being as small as it is with a heavily motivated staff, has many opportunities for growth; both as a service business as a whole and as staff members seeking further employment opportunities. One of our main priorities is cultivating a community feel within our staff. That being said we take the time to take care of our employees and foster a familial sense of community. As an employee you can count on a fair amount of bbq’s, gatherings and cultural events. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or are interested in any employment opportunities.

"We not only take great care of your property, but we also take great care of our employees too. To us, this is what it means to be part of a community."

Our Team

Brett Farington


Brett is the Managing Partner for Renova Exterior Detailing and Holiday Spirit Lighting since 2009. He started his career as HSL’s field technician. He has since come to take over the general management of HSL & Renova in 2018. His involvement with SBA Score mentoring, SBA Emerging Leaders 2017 & Goldman Sachs 10KSB 2020 programs have helped him build his skills, business & develop a community of like-minded and supportive people. He enjoys spending time outside grilling food with the family, riding bikes with the kids, yoga, fly fishing & practicing bonsai.

Eric Miller


Eric is now Co-Owner of Renova in addition to our new Chief of Operations and will be working closely with each of our field and office staff members to ensure and oversee the efficiency and flow among our team in order to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Lived in Seattle for 19 years
Been cleaning windows for 14 years and hanging lights for 1
Hobbies: reading books, playing music, biking, and running
When he’s not working you’ll find him spending time with his family and playing Mario Party with his daughter Frances.

Daniil Yeleseyiv

Field Technician

Lived in US for 21 years 19 Years in Seattle, Washington and 2 Years in Minnesota. Been Doing Detail for 2 Years. And 5 years in Christmas Lights. When I’m not Working you’ll find me on a Road trips, Mountains, Hiking, and Hot Springs!  And learning Nature Photography/Video.

Angel Sanchez

Assistant Production Manager

Lived in Seattle for 22 years and have about 2 years experience of detailing.
My interests are music and spending time with friends/family.

Jakob Fortiner

Senior Lead Technician

Lived in Seattle for my whole life, and have been detailing for 1 season. Hobbies & interests include mountain biking, photography, and long walks. When I’m not working, you can find me taking classes at Bellevue College and making short films with my friends.

Heather Garcia

Accounts CSR (customer service rep)

Native to Washington. Hobbies: dogs.  When I’m not working, I’m with Charley (doggie) outdoors, baking.

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