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4 Things Window Cleaning Professionals Do Better Than Anyone

Real estate experts have said it: the windows and skylights in your home can give you some of the highest returns on investment. At an estimated $9,131 average spending on new windows, experts say that homeowners may get up to 85 percent in returns when they finally sell their house.

Of course, the ROI you get also depends on the kind of windows you invest in. Designing and putting together the perfect windows is the easier part; keeping them in pristine condition — now that’s another story.

Homeowners in Washington can overcome this challenge with professional window cleaning in Seattle. When you hire the pros, your windows can get a lot more than just a surface clean.

What Pro Window Washers in Seattle Do Differently

Washing windows is not that big of a deal for many people, and most would even say it’s one of the easiest housekeeping chores. You splash soapy water on the glass, wash away the dirt and stains, rinse, then dry the window panes with a squeegee.

Professionals follow a similar process but for a few key differences.

  1. The pros use the right kind and amount of cleaning liquid.

A common mistake in washing windows is that people don’t use enough liquid cleaning solution. They end up scrubbing the glass with more force than needed, and even that’s enough to remove the visible streaks.

Our pro window washers in Seattle use tried and tested cleaning agents to great effect. Even better, our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  1. The pros have proper cleaning tools.

It may seem reasonable to use torn, old clothes and rags to wash windows, but puckered seams, buttons, and other objects sewn into the fabric can leave deep, visible, and unpleasant scratches on your windows. Our cleaning team has no such problem because we use proper cleaning materials. We use the old-school mop, bucket, fiber cloth, and squeegee for manageable cleaning jobs.

We have pressure washing equipment that’s ideal for windows that are long overdue for a deep clean. We come with ladders and safety gear that allow us to climb roofs or scale high walls in order to reach skylights and the topmost portions of floor-to-ceiling windows.

  1. The pros follow a prescribed process.

We’ve briefly touched on not using enough cleaning solution when washing windows. This happens when the person cleaning them doesn’t know the proper way of doing this job.

In contrast, our trained and knowledgeable crew knows to let the cleaning agent set first to soften the accumulated dirt (but not too long that the solution evaporates). They follow a process refined over years of cleaning and washing windows in homes all over Seattle.

  1. The pros consider the weather.

Here’s another rookie mistake many commit when cleaning windows: they do it on sunny days. It seems logical to do so, but seasoned window washers like us know that the heat from the sun can quickly dry out soapy water on glass. After the water evaporates, the liquid soap residue gets left behind as visible, messy streaks on your window.

So when you call our window washers, our team will consider the environmental factors when we schedule our visit to your home. If we must clean during the summer or when the outdoor temperature is high, we work doubly hard to speed up the process to leave your windows looking pristine and streak-free.

Have Your Windows Washed the Right Way by Renova Exterior Detailing

We of all people know the value of windows in residential properties. They’re crucial for the natural ventilation and illumination of your home. More importantly, they can boost the appeal and value of your home. With our services, you can make the most of the benefits your glass windows have to offer.

Look through your windows in a clear light with Renova Exterior Detailing. Ask for a quote and book our window washing services today.



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