Solar panel cleaners seattle

Now’s the Best Time to Switch to Solar Energy — Here’s Why

Solar panel cleaners seattle

Every year, Americans are confronted with the reality of climate change. Scientists say it is accelerating fast, and that every effort to slow its progress now counts.

Cleaning solar panels in Seattle for a while now, we are well aware of the consequences of worsening climate change.

Switching to sustainable energy sources like solar panels is one way to combat this phenomenon. Of course, there has to be a collective effort for solar energy to have a significant impact on the fight against climate change.

To encourage more people to consider switching from grid electricity to solar power, here are four reasons that now’s a good time to invest in solar panels.

People Are Choosing to Live Off the Grid

In 2019, news outlets reported the rapid growth of green energy in the United States. Infrastructure to produce solar and wind energy was scheduled to be built starting in 2020, but unfortunately, those activities were halted temporarily due to the pandemic.

Speaking of the pandemic, one of the most valuable lessons it taught us is that going off the grid is possible and doable in this digital era. Households can stay connected and enjoy the perks of an electric-powered home even if they’re disconnected from the electric grid. All they need is dependable, sustainable energy generators. This would have been difficult to do a decade ago, but now that solar panels have become more accessible and readily available, many are voluntarily switching to green energy.

Solar Energy Systems Are Now More Affordable

Money is always a big issue where energy generation is concerned. Fortunately, the tech for solar panels and solar energy storage has progressed such that these systems can be scaled down and at the same time perform well enough to sustain a household’s electrical needs. Coupled with the significant drop in the prices for solar energy hardware, the average homeowners can now afford to set up their own solar power generators at home.

By October 2020, solar became the cheapest electricity in the world. The technology for solar power became cheaper than renewable sources like gas and coal.

The New Administration Promotes Sustainable Energy

The Biden administration is determined to promote sustainable, green energy in the U.S. The goal is to make the country’s electrical grid carbon-free by 2035. He also announced a nine-point energy plan that includes investing over $400 billion in innovation, research, and development for sustainable energy.

With the government’s backing, we could be seeing widespread adoption of green energy sources, especially solar in the coming years.

California Offers Tax Incentives to Solar Power Users

The state of Washington encourages people to invest in solar power by giving tax privileges to people who install solar panels at home or for their business. Examples of these incentives are:

  • Renewable Energy System Incentive Program – Gives incentive payments to solar panel users for eight years or up to 50 percent of their system’s cost, whichever comes first.
  • Incentive program by the Washington State University
  • The Solarize Discount – A group purchase discount offer that can shave off 10-15 percent of the system’s original price.
  • Rural Energy for America Program (REAP Grant) – Federal aid that can grant $500,000 or 25 percent of the total cost of installing solar panel systems in rural communities.
  • Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – A federal tax credit that can reduce the cost of photovoltaic solar systems by 26 percent.

Enjoy the Perks of Solar Power to the Fullest

Investing in solar power for your home or business is a huge leap towards becoming sustainable and getting off the grid. Like any other equipment, however, solar power systems also need proper care and maintenance.

One of the most important maintenance routines for solar panels is keeping them clean and clear of debris. Proper safety equipment is necessary to ensure effective cleaning while eliminating the risk of injuries.

You can trust Renova Exterior Detailing to do this job well. There’s more to our solar panel cleaning service than sweeping debris away from solar panels. We also inspect your solar power system and make sure that everything is in good working condition.

Go solar and join the efforts to fight climate change. Turn to the experts at Renova Exterior Detailing for all your solar panel cleaning needs in the future.

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